About the Hout Bay Partnership

The Hout Bay Partnership was formed in 2014 as a non-political, self-governing organisation that seeks to create a model for integrated social and economic development through partnerships between different people and organisations who are dedicated to improving the livelihoods and quality of life of Hout Bay citizens.

Hout Bay is a microcosm of the challenges and opportunities facing the broader Cape Town and South Africa as a whole. It is a place of cultural diversity and economic inequalities and disparities in living conditions across apartheid-induced spatial and racial lines, all within a geographically distinct and confined area.

The core functions of the partnership are threefold:

  • HBP facilitates and supports initiatives and activities undertaken by others that promote integrated and inclusive social and economic development.
  • HBP will develop and manage their own initiatives and activities towards integrated and inclusive social and economic development
  • HBP will communicate and promote the initiatives and activities undertaken by themselves and others.

This short guide to the Hout Bay Partnership seeks to clarify the role and focus of the organisation:

  • The Hout Bay Partnership is a sustainable, enabling and soundly-governed partnership between the residents, business and civil society organisations in Hout Bay, the Western Cape Government (WCG) and the City of Cape Town (CoCT).
  • HPB seeks to enhance social inclusion, improve educational outcomes, enable economic development, and improve the built and natural environment.
  • It is governed by an independent board that encompasses both the diversity of Hout Bay and the skillset to achieve its goals.
  • In the collaborative partnership model, solutions with mutual benefits are sought, rather than competing with other initiatives.
  • The HBP pays dedicated and conscious attention to the social and economic development of Hout Bay as an integrated whole.
  • This includes taking into account the needs, interests and perspectives of the diverse community and business interests of Hout Bay.

How do I engage with the Hout Bay Partnership?

  • HBP will seek consensus on integrated solutions through robust debates that are backed by research, study and analysis.
  • Representatives of the organisations forming part of the Partnership will keep in touch with their constituents to gather and disseminate information, particularly on progress with the development plan of Hout Bay.
  • The project manager of the Hout Bay Partnership is Ashley Newell. She can be contacted on info@houtbaypartnership.co.za

The Hout Bay Partnership board:

  • George Zacharias (Chairman)
  • Terry Murphy
  • Iming Lin
  • Clifford Nogwavu
  • Jennifer Manikkam
  • Rolfe Eberhard
  • Ricky Pato
  • Jan Lewis
  • Smangele Khuzwayo
  • Solange Rosa
  • Garreth Bloor