City & Province Re-Exploring Site For New Hout Bay Community Day Centre


30 NOVEMBER 2016



The Western Cape Government’s (WCG) Health Department is reviewing the viability of a new and much needed extended services Community Day Centre (CDC) which may be built on the site of the old bowling green and associated parking area and buildings.

The erven to be re-examined for possible use are Erf 3779, the actual bowling green, and a portion of the adjacent Erf 1033. The precise position and footprint of the possible CDC will depend on the extent and location of the existing Milkwood trees and the 30m ecological buffer zone between the proposed CDC and the surrounding residential area.

The WCG Health Department together with the WCG Transport and Public Works Department would need to undertake the necessary Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and would have to apply for rezoning in line with the planning and design of the facility.

The current play park area which runs along Main Road and is located on Erven 1035 RE & 1036 as well as Erf 1034 where the Lions Club Sunday Market is held, would not be affected in any way.

Community engagements regarding the new facility were undertaken in 2014 and 2015. Historically there were strong opinions about the location and in some instances disagreement about the need for one facility.

There has over the past year been a growing understanding that one facility is economically more viable and would encourage much needed integration. There has also been a growing acknowledgment that the proposed site is the only site which is viable and satisfies location, access, safety as well size requirements.

For these reasons, the conversation was restarted by the newly elected Ward Councillor with Province and the Hout Bay Community Health Forum. The forum comprises staff from the two current clinics, retired and active doctors and medical practitioners as well as NGO’s working with vulnerable groups.

A meeting was recently held [see minutes below] where the Forum agreed that the proposed site was the only practical site available for a new facility and they in turn invited NGO’s from the communities in Hangberg and Imizamo Yethu, as well as religious organizations and other health interest parties to their AGM where the proposed site was adopted in principal by the community representatives. Public interaction is ongoing and a wider community engagement is underway and will be facilitated by the Councillor in early 2017.

The site has in the past provided challenges for the City and Province as the primary health care facility, which is intended for the suburb, requires a comprehensive list of requirements to be satisfied. Criterion for a CDC include a central location that is within 5km of the communities it serves. This poses a challenge as the CDC is aimed at providing integrated health care to the Hout Bay Valley area, Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg. For this reason, many possible options are deemed unsuitable as they fall out of the required distance parameter. The site of a CDC would also need to have a minimum size, be above flood lines as well as have main road access for emergency vehicles and would ideally be owned by a government department. All of these criteria ruled out the other vacant sites in Hout Bay and the only site which satisfies all requirements is Erf 3779, and a portion of the adjacent Erf 1033.

The City of Cape Town is a caring City, and is aware of the concerns of interest and activity groups who utilize the community facilities at the bowling club as well as the groups who have earmarked surrounding space for the development of a United Park of Hout Bay.

To that effect, engagement is underway with WCG Health Department to find potential solutions whereby the current facilities are possibly retained and incorporated into the design layout of the new CDC and are therefore able to keep accommodating the groups, and that the footprint of the CDC minimizes impact on park surrounds. It is hoped that with this compromise in mind, Hout Bay would be able to enjoy two community spaces that encourage and enable integration.

A Community Day Centre and a park, co-existing side by side, could achieve two of the City’s strategic objectives, the Caring City and the Inclusive City.

WCG Health is committed to building a functional facility with a possible extended-hour option that operates in daytime hours, offers a comprehensive package of health care including optometry, dentistry and oral hygiene as well as counselling. The two current clinics are situated in Hangberg and Imizamo Yethu and are both inadequately sized, designed and staffed for the communities they serve.

The new proposed CDC would replace these two clinics and house all the staff from the current facilities. This would create a better equipped and staffed facility that is centrally located and utilized by all of Hout Bay’s residents.

Furthermore, the WCG Health Department has committed to providing an aesthetically appealing building, in line with its several architectural and design award winning facilities elsewhere in the province.

Councillor Roberto Quintas
Mobile: 0820423502


Hout Bay Community Health Forum AGM 2016 Minutes:

Guest Speaker: Dr. Cathy Grammer- District Manager of Cape Town Metro District / Graham Nevin – Chief Structural Engineer
In attendance: Luyanda –MEC Mbombo’s Representative

• A replacement facility in Hout Bay is a top priority in the Southern District
• Healthcare 2030 Department of Health Service Vision
o Person/Patient-centred approach
o Continuity of care
o Integrated provision of care
o Life course perspective

• Hangberg: Owned by City- Province managed
o Too small
o Insufficient rooms
o No parking
o EMS access difficult
o Records room too small
o Patient flow not at standard
o No rehab/consultation rooms
o Upgraded pharmacy still too small
o No secure storage
o Infection prevention minimal
o Ongoing maintenance costs of old facility

• Hout Bay Main Road: Owned by Province- City managed
o Too small and on steep slope
o Multiple buildings rather than integrated design
o Many of the same challenges as other clinic

• Why single facility?
o Two separate clinics is a higher cost, lean economic principals
o Loss of patients to follow-up when patients have to move from facility to facility for different services
o Social cost for patient
o Current facilities cannot accommodate outreach health staff
o Improved patient care and better health services all under one roof
o Facility within 5km distance of patients

• Services to be offered:
o A future comprehensive CDC shall have complete PHC package of care at similar total cost of current clinics, with extended hours.
o Adult curative services
o Integrated chronic adult care
o Infectious disease
o Women’s health
o SAPC- liaised pharmacy services – CDC
o Rehabilitation Services
o Nutrition
o Oral Health Care
o Optometry

• Technical site search options: Graham Nevin- Chief Structural Engineer (appointed June 2015)
o Preliminary Criteria
-Location within target area
– Minimum 2,000m2 site
-Access from a main road
-Access to public transport
-If already an existing building: suitability for use as CDC
-Site topography acceptable
-Environmental risk
-Ownership- ideally WCG or City owned
-If not- owner willing to sell/transfer and if so what price?
-Rezoning and or EIA required?
-Nature of neighbouring properties
o Then detailed technical analysis carried out by WCG Planning Works on Selected sites
o 16 sites have been looked at and assessed
o Bowling Green site determined most appropriate December 2014
o Current timeline: Design to be completed 2018- CDC to open 2022

• Visuals of other recently constructed clinics shown (links below not presented in presentation but included to provide visuals of clinics discussed)
o Hermanus CDC:
o Grassy Park Clinic:
o New and Upgraded Health Facilities:
• Visuals of similar sized clinics’ building foot print depicted over the bowling green site as an example of potential size and layout- many future processes before design is finalized.