Computer Coding in Hout Bay

Mzi Duda ,Brothers For All Co-founder, assists coder AndrewIn partnership with Original T-Bag Designs and Sijonga Phambili, the Up for All (previously Brothers for All) coding programme has officially expanded into Hout Bay! After the launch fundraising event on August 5th at Kitima Kronendal Restaurant we set out on establishing a waiting list of students interested in the opportunity to learn the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) skills to produce websites, blogs, and apps. Through the sponsorship of Alectrix, Pick ‘n Pay and various private individuals the program was able to commence on October 1st with a very motivated and committed group of students. This was the perfect start to the program as it was also Africa Code Week across the continent.

Africa Code week views coding as “the literacy of the digital age indeed: a whole new language for children to speak fluently and express themselves in the 21st century. Knowing that 11 million youth are expected to enter the African labor market every year over the next decade and that digital jobs could increase their income by 40% to 200%, acting now is a must”, and states ”In order to prevent the digital divide from becoming a digital skills divide and to improve Africa’s position in the globally competitive knowledge economy, we need to join forces and make high-level ICT teaching a number one priority within the African education systems. Not only will it allow companies in Africa to find the best local candidates for the thousands of qualified jobs they are currently struggling to fill, but ICT learning is also one of the most powerful ways to develop the collaboration, self-regulation and critical thinking skills young women and men need to sustain a successful career. Everyone – from governments and educational institutions all the way to NGOs and corporations – has a role to play to make it happen”. This set of ICT skills will open many doors for our new coding students!

A few of the learners have had some exposure to coding and are absolutely thrilled to do more, and others have very limited computer experience but are excited by how many career opportunities can be opened by this unique skill set. The co-founders of Up For All, Sihle and Mzi, both being ex-offenders who are self taught coders now teaching to those in prison, advocated for those who are looking for a “second chance” and have left school to also be included in the course along with the graduates who are looking to gain new skills and break into this new career field. Experienced students from the Up for All  Langa Centre are on hand at all the sessions to assist and guide the new students which creates a great peer supported environment.

We are thrilled to see this initiative expand into our community and would like to thank all the partners and donors for making it possible! If you are interested in supporting this project please contact our Project Coordinator, Ashley Newell, at

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