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Re-imaging Hout Bay Harbour. Various studies have shown the Hout Bay Harbour to have significant economic development potential, yet its development remains stuck. The Partnership, supported by City funding, is looking at ways to unlock the development potential of the harbour in a way that brings inclusive social and economic benefits to the broader community of Hout Bay.

Hout Bay Good News

Hout Bay Good News is a community collaboration platform powered by the Hout Bay Partnership. The Hout Bay Good News comprises four communication channels; directory of community organizations and groups, monthly email newsletter, website blog, and social media profiles, to share and promote the many amazing stories of organizations, individuals, and whole communities uniting to create a positive and brighter future.


Say hello to #HoutBayPeople, a photographic project by the Hout Bay Partnership celebrating the diversity in our wonderful town and providing glimpses of the personalities behind the faces.  New faces will appear every week.  Follow us on Instagram @houtbaypeople or like the Hout Bay Good News Facebook Page and never miss a portrait…

#HoutBayPeople takes people as we find them; on the street, on the beach, at work, and at home, and is not a commendation or accolade of any kind.  #HoutBayPeople are just people 🙂 . If you know someone who you think has a story or idea to share get in contact with Portia at