Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of the HBP?
The HBP promotes integrated social and economic development in Hout Bay through facilitating, supporting and promoting initiatives in partnership with government, business and residents.

What is unique about the HBP?
The HBP supports partnerships between government, business and residents and across communities. HBP adds value through improved communications and integration, and by offering support to related activities. The HBP can facilitate access to stakeholders.

How is the HBP funded?
The HBP received seed funding from the Western Cape government and anticipates receiving funding support from the City of Cape Town. The HBP will raise funds from foundations and the private sector.

Is the HBP politically aligned?
The HBP is a non-political organisation, it is not affiliated or associated with any political party, and
it does not support any political party.

Does the HBP represent any organisations?
The HBP is not a representative or membership-based organisation. The HBP has a board that is
constituted to reflect the diversity of interests in Hout Bay.

How is the Board of the HBP constituted?
The founding Board was constituted by the Cape Town Partnership through a public nomination process. Board members have a limited term of office. The Board has a duty to ensure it has the necessary skills to undertake its mandate and continues to reflect the diverse interests in Hout Bay across residents, business, and government. Board members are appointed by the Board.

Are Board members paid?
Board members serve strictly on a voluntary basis and are not paid for their time.

Is the HBP a business?
The HBP is not a business and does not operate on a profit motive. The HBP is set up as a not-forprofit company and has a duty to be financially solvent and sustainable so that its income meets its spending commitments, including the payment of staff salaries.

Can my organisation be a member of HBP?
The HBP is not a membership-based organisation and does not have members. Organisations can enter into formal or informal partnerships with the HBP to undertake projects or initiatives of mutual interest that are aligned with the HBP’s goals and objectives.

Can I join the HBP?
The HBP is not a membership-based organisation and does not have members. However, HBP
welcomes the involvement of volunteers to support the work of the HBP and its initiatives and

If you wish to be more informed about the work of the Partnership and/or to contribute to its
work, please contact Ashley Newell, the project coordinator of the Hout Bay Partnership at or see