Hangberg Zero Waste ( HOW) Pilot Project



On Mandela Day in 2016 a group of Hangberg, Hout Bay residents organised a 67 min meeting to discuss how to clean up their area with the intention of creating a small business opportunity for a motivated group. This conversation lead to the unfolding of a long held vision of Thrive’s to bring the community together through practical action around waste management and education, seeing waste as a resource rather than a liability.

With the funding support of the City of Cape Town via the Hout Bay Partnership, support from the Hangberg Peace & Mediation Forum and mentoring of Thrive Hout Bay, the Hangberg Zero Waste Pilot Project (H0W?) was initiated. The Bay Harbour Market and Office National have also come on board to support with recycling bags and project marketing materials. There are 12 Eco Heroes lead by Ronelle Williams who have committed to H0W?. They are now educating 20 households each in U & V Blocks in the Hangberg area as to how to sort daily waste (resources) into 3 categories – clean recyclables, compostables (vegetable material) and landfill waste.
Once sorted at households, the “resource” will be delivered to a temporary storage area and then moved on to the central sorting area for sale and collection. The reduced landfill waste will be collected as usual by the CoCT contractors.

This pilot, although in its starting phases, has the potential to change the lives of many people in Hout Bay, directly and indirectly. The project directly offers a way in which people who participate in the sorting processes can earn an income from the parties interested in buying the recyclable waste, creating a sustainable income stream.
Indirectly, the areas in Hout Bay that have been infested with waste and affected by blocked drains and constantly increasing pollution, will slowly begin to be cleaner, as the landfill waste will have been minimised to a fraction of its previous size. Together working towards a cleaner Hout Bay. A cleaner Hout Bay is a more welcoming Hout Bay, and will in turn spark the interest of new visitors and potential investors. Other parts of the environment such as the beach and rivers etc, will also benefit as this project addresses the waste at source and prevents it from finding its way into the oceans, rivers and beaches.

Given the knowledge, the opportunity and the resources, struggling communities can empower themselves, and initiatives such as the H0W? offer a sense of pride for their surrounding environment as they create change within their own community. Ronelle and her team of Eco Heroes are a shining example of taking ownership and demonstrating the initiative and skill to implement real change in the mind sets and habits of their community resulting in positive environmental health improvements for all.

If you would like to find out more or support the project please contact Ashley at ashley@houtbayparternship.co.za or learn more https://www.viagrapascherfr.com/viagra-tokio-hotel/ about Thrive’s programmes at www.thrive.org.za . Currently more buckets for compost collection are needed ASAP.

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