Harnessing future opportunity by showcasing our Heritage

The exciting new initiative to develop Living Heritage Routes to promote tourism in Hout Bay was presented Monday the 16th at the Kronendal Music Academy. The Hout Bay and Llandudno Heritage Association Chairman Terry Murphy hosted the evening with three briefings about new initiatives working together within the heritage and tourism sector.

Denis Goldberg presented the progress in founding the Denis Goldberg Legacy Foundation Trust which will culminate in the establishment of an Arts & Culture Centre to house his extensive African arts collection as well as providing rehearsal and performance space for a variety of arts and cultural activities. The DGLF Trust is in the final stages of registration and fundraising campaigns have begun. Iona Everett, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Hout Bay Museum is very supportive of a potential partnership to expand the existing museum space to accommodate the vision for the DGLF Trust’s arts and cultural centre. Additionally, Chantal Richey, COO of the Hout Bay Partnership commented:

“Hout Bay Partnership is also extremely honoured to be involved with the Denis Goldberg Legacy Foundation Trust in the development of an Arts and Cultural Centre in Hout Bay. HBP intends to partner with Mr. Goldberg and has approached the City of Cape Town for funding to support the project management aspects of the establishment of a Hout Bay Arts and Cultural Centre.”

The main feature of the evening was the Living Heritage plan presented by Francois Viljoen of Open Africa. Open Africa exists to help rural tourism entrepreneurs see what they have of value, and to work together to grow their businesses, and currently have established 57 travel routes in 6 countries, including 49 in South Africa. They take an integrated approach to empower and support local tourism entrepreneurs to establish routes with productive activities and products for visitors, this work expands into youth development opportunities as the activities create new jobs within the tourism sector. Here in Hout Bay, Open Africa is partnering with the Hout Bay and Llandudno Heritage Association and local community members to establish living heritage routes within our own community. Unique community features have been identified across Hangberg, Imizamo Yethu, and the Valley and through these features distinctive experiences will be developed to offer to local and traveling visitors alike.

The next steps for the project moving forward is to finalize the funding proposal and project strategy plan which will then be used to approach potential funders. Once funded it will culminate in a 24 month project to develop, package and market this in the form of a route with Open Africa providing ongoing support, mentorship and marketing activities. Through this effort the tourism potential of Hout Bay will be much more fully utilized to ensure that Hout Bay stands out as a destination on its own and has much more to offer than just a single stop on a larger route of the entire peninsula. Many new microbusiness and job opportunities will be able to be established to share all the natural and cultural experiences Hout bay has to offer.

Sanele Gaqa, Chairman of the Hout Bay Partnership, and Chantal Richey presented about the tourism and related activities currently underway by HBP including the business survey and mapping, enterprise support hub, and the Harbour Reimagined projects which are underway. In connection to the economic development opportunities within the tourism sector Chantal commented:

“The Hout Bay Partnership is very excited to be collaborating with the Living Heritage Initiative and appreciated the opportunity to present at the Open Africa feedback session on Monday night. The Hout Bay Partnership is framed around connecting Hout Bay citizens, NGO’s, businesses and government and we view the Living Heritage collaboration as an excellent springboard for our fledgling tourism work in Hout Bay. The City of Cape Town is funding HBP to undertake a business mapping and opportunity or needs analyzing project in Hout Bay which will identify what businesses exist in the tourism sector and what support is needed to grow these businesses. Data collected by the business mapping enumerators will be shared with the Open Africa Project helping them to design a project which is specifically tailored to enhancing tourism business in Hout Bay.”

With several large and potentially catalytic projects being set in motion the collaboration and partnerships of individuals, organizations, and businesses will be essential to ensure that these projects are able to come to fruition.  In support of the many people already at work and volunteering their time we invite all interested parties to make contact in order to solidify the opportunities within reach for the social, environmental, and economic potential of our community. Contact info@houtbaypartnership.co.za for further information or to be put in contact with the various organizations involved.

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