Hout Bay Business Mapping Underway!

Researcher Training

Business & Stakeholder Mapping Research as a Catalyst to Real Economic Development

The Hout Bay Partnership together with the City of Cape Town have set out on a business mapping of Hout Bay to further understand the  economic challenges and opportunities of our community. Towards Uhuru has been contracted to survey and map the existing businesses and entrepreneurs in Hout Bay in order to establish the value chains and key economic activity streams.  Through this process HBP will build relationships and begin conversations around a way forward to developing a better connected and more productive economic ecosystem for all who live and work in Hout Bay. The purpose of this programme is to have an economic impact by promoting job creation and the increase of investment in Hout Bay.

Towards Uhuru has begun recruiting local researchers who are now being trained by the City of Cape Town’s Tourism, Events and Economic Development Directorate Survey Specialist Michelle Joja on the methods of data collection and analysis. These researchers will supervised by Towards Uhuru director Yumnaa Firfirey as the mapping and interviewing part of the research will be takes place from Monday, 16th May, for 2 to 3 weeks. The mapping will be followed by focus groups of business owners and entrepreneurs in the week of 30th May.

Please help give our Hout Bay businesses a heads up that there will be researchers coming around, 6 of them students. They have been trained and are very keen and enthusiastic to assist the HBP with this exercise. Businesses will be mapped and~40% will be interviewed. If just mapped and interviewed for basic directory info – it should take no longer than 5-7 minutes. If they are requested to be interviewed slightly more extensively, it will take only 15-20 minutes. With this information, we hope to ensure that any further economic initiatives undertaken by the HBP and our partners will be informed, targeted and guided towards specific outcomes that would be articulated by those interviewed during this research process.

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For more information on this work please contact info@houtbaypartnership.co.za

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