Hout Bay Partnership Chief Executive Officer

Hout Bay Partnership Chief Executive Officer

The Hout Bay Partnership is looking to appoint a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The CEO is the public face of the Hout Bay Partnership (HBP) and is responsible for managing HBP and its relationship with key stakeholders to achieve its mandate of building partnerships to create a model for inclusive and sustainable social and economic development in Hout Bay and beyond.

Job context

  1. Hout Bay is a microcosm of the challenges and opportunities facing Cape Town and South Africa as a whole. It is a place of cultural diversity, economic inequalities and disparities in living conditions across apartheid-induced spatial and racial lines, all within a geographically distinct and confined area.
  2. The HBP was formed to build partnerships between government, business and civil society, and across the communities of Hout Bay, to promote inclusive and sustainable social and economic development. The HBP is an intermediary organization, working in the ‘in between’ spaces in a collaborative way to improve the performance of the whole social and economic system within Hout Bay.
  3. The HBP will uphold and promote the values of respect for human dignity, integrity, transparency, diversity, and inclusivity.
  4. The CEO is responsible for the leadership and management of the HBP and is accountable to the Board for delivery against the organisation’s mandate.

Core tasks

The successful candidate will have demonstrated leadership ability and, working under the guidance of the Board, will succeed in the following core areas:

  1. Partnership building. Win and maintain the trust and support of key stakeholders, including
    1. The Provincial Premier and City Mayor, and their senior government officials
    2. Leading business people (business owners and managers in Hout Bay and leading business people living in Hout Bay whose business interests may lie outside of Hout Bay);
    3. Leaders of community organisations and NGOs active in Hout Bay; and
    4. Influential people within local and international development, financing and philanthropic and agencies whose activities and potential support are relevant to the work of the Hout Bay Partnership.
  2. Planning and execution. Develop and implement a strategic plan (including communications) to achieve the objectives of the Hout Bay Partnership (promoting integrated social and economic development in Hout Bay through partnerships between government, business, NGOs and the diverse communities in Hout Bay).
  3. Resourcing. Attract more extensive and more diverse contributions (human and financial) that will further the objectives of the Hout Bay partnership.
  4. Effectiveness and sustainability. Develop appropriate structures and systems to support the activities of the HBP and place the partnership on a sustainable financial path.

Hout Bay Partnership CEO profile

The successful candidate will have the following values, competencies and experience:

  • Personal qualities – a person who, in their personal and professional lives, lives and demonstrates the core values of the Hout Bay Partnership – integrity, transparency, diversity, inclusivity, and respect for human dignity. In addition, the CEO will have the following key attributes:
    • Awareness of Self: An awareness of your own strengths and limitations. The ability to know your own limitations and see the complimenting strengths in others to build relationships.
    • Self Managed: Self organized and able to work independently.
    • Social Awareness: Not narrow-minded or involved only in one sector- will need awareness beyond own professional background.
    • Relationship Manager: The CEO role holds everyone together.
  • Collaborative leadership competencies – a person who demonstrates an understanding and ability to communicate the bigger picture, is able to create a compelling vision that motivates participation and commitment, who works in partnership with diverse organizations, who fosters a sense of joint ownership and collective responsibility, who seeks win-win solutions, who encourages input and participation, who understands and is able to translate divergent perspectives and who embraces diversity.
  • Leadership experience. Demonstrated leadership track record in both formal and informal authority roles.
  • CEO competencies – stakeholder management, time and work-flow management, general operational knowledge of business and administrative processes and requirements for an effective organisation, prioritisation, self-management and conflict management.
  • CEO/management experience. At least three years of executive management experience.
  • Education. Post-graduate degree in a relevant field is highly recommended but not essential.

Employment terms: The position could be part-time. The initial contract will be short-term and renewable. Remuneration is negotiable depending on skills, experience and organizational funding. The CEO will report to the Partnership’s Board of Directors.

Applications must include a letter of motivation, a CV (maximum 2 pages) and three references and be sent to Rolfe Eberhard at info@houtbaypartnership.co.za by or on Friday 27 November. If you’ve not heard back from us by 15th December please consider your application unsuccessful.