Hout Bay’s Workspace creating The Employable Nation


One of the Hout Bay Partnership’s 2015 Microgrant winners is running at full tilt this month down at Workspace! Craig Dunlop observed that people who remain employed exhibit certain characteristics and strongly believes that these can be learnt to create a pool of employable psycho-socially developed individuals that will have a ripple effect through themselves, and into their community, truly making a difference those who are unemployed, their families, and the entire Hout Bay community.

Shoemaking skills The local support of the Microgrant enabled Workspace to get the further support of The British Council to develop and implement a basic skills training program called The Employable Nation (TEN). The participants discover characteristics or principles of employability, carefully woven into TEN Training of hands-on maker skills- instead of being “taught” them.

The principles of Service, Respect, Communication, Teamwork, Dedication, Trust, Reliability, Vision, Understanding, and Work Ethic are interwoven with the introduction to skills in knitting, sewing, shoemaking, bread making, woodwork, welding, jewellery making, computer skills, gardening, and event planning.

The TEN Program is a short course designed to stimulate interest and activate individuals into a further phase of personal development and to uncover and establish what natural skills an individual has. The TEN Course strives to improve the participants’ self-esteem by holistically challenging and training the individual. Practical, emotional and interpersonal skills are integrated to awaken possibility in the individual.

The duration of the course is 25 days with 12 modules.

And afterwards?

Throughout the process, trainees are regularly assessed and interviewed so as to determine where their strengths and aspirations lie. In a perfect world these, and by using this info we are able to place  a candidate in a formal, more focused training course, leading up to national qualification. At this point Workspace endeavours to place the trainee in an internship program within their chosen industry.

With some of Workspace’s existing paying members, apprenticeships, internships and mentorships are available to successful applicants. At present Workspace and Harvest Centre is home to a number of private business, manufactures, craftsmen and artisans which is a great networking and collaborative community for the participants to now be a part of.

The board members of the Hout Bay Partnership were invited to join the TEN programme participants for lunch at Workspace and to hear more about their experience. This was a great afternoon of sharing and connecting over the homemade bread being produced at the Workspace. The participants are energized and thoroughly enjoying the experience of discovering and exploring so many new talents and skills. The participants will soon begin planning their end of programme event to showcase their products and experience to the public so watch this space!

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