I support the Hout Bay Partnership, how can I get involved?

The Hout Bay Partnership (HBP) was established in 2014 with the purpose of promoting integrated
social and economic development to improve the livelihoods and quality of life of Hout Bay
residents. This will be achieved through building partnerships between residents, businesses and
government. The Partnership has been established as a not-for-profit company and is governed
by an independent board of directors.

HBP welcomes the support and contributions of individuals, organisations and businesses who
agree with the purpose and goals of the HBP, who subscribe to its values (human dignity,
integrity, transparency, diversity, and inclusivity) and who are willing to adopt a collaborate
partnership approach. Details of the activities of the HBP will be made available on its website.

Kinds of support and contribution
HBP board. The HBP has a board of directors that reflects the diversity in Hout Bay and has the
necessary skills to soundly govern the Partnership. From time to time, the Board will seek
additional or replacement board members to maintain a balance of diversity and ensure it has
the necessary skills. Details will be made available on the HBP website.
Partnerships. Organisations and business are welcome to make proposals to establish
partnerships to develop, undertake and/or support initiatives and activities that serve the goals of
the HBP. HBP will need to prioritise when considering the practical time and resources
implications of each proposal for partnership. Please submit succinct and clear proposals by

HBP welcomes the support and contributions of volunteers who have time and the
appropriate skills to offer – see below for more specific skills requirements.
Money. HBP welcomes financial contributions to its activities. HBP undertakes to use its resources
wisely in term of the highest ethical standards and to be transparent in its use of funds.

In-kind contributions
HBP welcomes in-kind contributions from businesses and other organisations
that supports the work of the partnership – see below.
Voluntary or in-kind contributions from individuals, organisations and businesses
Specific skills and/or in-kind contributions sought by HBP include the following:
• Communications, newsletter, website and social media
• Social enterprise mentoring support
• Business development mentoring support
• NGO practical management and administration support
• Book keeping, accounting and auditing
• Premises for HBP, suitably located
• Meeting venues

Please send an email with a clear description for the kind of contribution you are able to make.
If you wish to be more informed about the work of the Partnership and/or to contribute to its
work, please contact Ashley Newell, the project coordinator of the Hout Bay Partnership at
info@houtbaypartnership.co.za See also houtbaypartnership.co.za