Hout Bay Tourism Research and establishment of Tourism and Business Forums

09-IMG_6933During 2016 the Hout Bay Partnership has commissioned a research and mapping study  to further understand the economic challenges and opportunities of our community. Towards Uhuru  was contracted to survey and map the existing businesses and entrepreneurs in Hout Bay in order to establish the value chains and key economic activity streams.  Through this process HBP is building relationships and beginning conversations around a way forward to developing a better connected and more productive economic ecosystem for all who live and work in Hout Bay. The purpose of this programme is to have an economic impact by promoting job creation and the increase of investment in Hout Bay.

The study has now been concluded thanks to a grant from the City of Cape Town‘s Economic Development Department and the research team presented their results at the inaugural Hout Bay Business and Tourism Summit on August 4th at Suikierbossie to the business community of Hout Bay.

In the interest of unifying Hout Bay business towards achieving common goals and objectives it was recommended that a Hout Bay Business Forum and Tourism Forum be established to empower businesses in Hout Bay to speak with one voice about the issues that they face and to collectively find workable solutions. It was a productive day with some great brainstorming around a way forward for both the Business and Tourism Forums.

If you would like to become involved with either the Business or Tourism Forums please contact Ashley Newell at ashley@houtbaypartnership.co.za

Click to view or download notes from the day:

Hout Bay Business Forum Summit Notes

Hout Bay Tourism Forum Summit Notes

If you would like to receive any of the below presentations please contact Ashley Newell at ashley@houtbaypartnership.co.za

  • Introduction to Hout Bay Partnership
  • Economic Research and Stakeholder Survey
  • Hout Bay Partnership Enterprise Hub
  • Open Africa

    and Hout Bay Partnership Tourism Micro-Enterprise Development Projects

The reports from the economic survey and value chain research will be published shortly.

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