Launch of the Hout Bay Good News Bulletin & Directory

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The Hout Bay Partnership envisions a connected community with accessible and effective communication channels in order to promote integrated economic and social development.  With this goal in mind we are very pleased to announce a new platform to better connect the community with the expansive social sector in Hout Bay and improve service delivery by avoiding replication and encouraging collaboration.

For the past three years our Project Coordinator, Ashley Newell, has served as a facilitator of the IY Forum alongside Mhinti Pato of Ikhaya le Themba and Loyiso Skoti of Lalela Project. One of the IY Forum’s past initiatives was the launch of the Hout Bay Good News platform which shares and promotes the good news of our bay in order to introduce community members to other neighbors, activities, and events that they might not otherwise hear about buried beneath the attention grabbing  negative headlines.  Those on the ground in our communities are acutely aware of the many amazing stories of organizations, individuals, and whole communities uniting to create a positive and brighter future and this platform aimed to share these stories beyond the social development community forums.

The Hout Bay Partnership has teamed up to introduce the Hout Bay Good News Directory and the monthly publication of the Hout Bay Good News Bulletin. The directory has collated information and contact details of over 80 organizations, projects, and community groups serving the Hout Bay community as well as schools and pre-schools. The directory is additionally sorted into 30+ categories. Interested in learning about all the Arts programs in Hout Bay, or want to know what options there are for after-school activities? Now the information is just a click away!

Additionally you can now have monthly updates from all of these organizations, projects, and groups delivered to your inbox by signing up here. The Hout Bay Good News Bulletin will be sent out on the 2nd Thursday of the month and will provide a quick overview of all updates and news from all participating organizations and groups.

The Hout Bay Good News platform also has a Facebook Page which shares positive stories from our community.

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