MicroGrant Feedback Session


It has now been six months since the 2015 Microgrant program awarded grants of R10,000 each to inspiring and uplifting community organisations who are making a difference in Hout Bay. The ten recipients were chosen by an independent panel through a competitive process from 35 applicants.

All of the projects are currently in different phases; some have completed their use of the grant and some will be ongoing into 2016. The opportunity to get everyone together to discuss the process thus far and to hear feedback from each other about how each organization utilized the grant was beneficial for the Hout Bay Partnership to take the lessons learnt from our first year and prepare for potential future cycle’s of the Mircrogrant programme, and for the grantees to have an opportunity to network with each other and learn from each other’s experiences.

The 2015 Microgrant Winners

Amoyo Performing Arts Foundation – life skills development programme took place in August. The conversations and workshops around personal safety, health, and lifeskills.

City of Refuge– will be running a five day holiday sports development programme in Janauary

Bright Start – Two community workshops have taken place and eight more are scheduled for 2016.

Workspace T.E.N. Project  – skills training project “The Employable Nation” will be launching in January 2016

Sistahood Girls Club – Facilitator training was completed for the youth mentors.

Harvest Youth Project – Computer purchased from ongoing sound engineering and graphic arts classes.

The Underdog Project – The MicroGrant is funding the operations of a larger fundraising campaign to hire a full time social worker to continue the animal assisted therapy programme working with youth and shelter dogs.

Proudly Hout Bay Women’s Forum – Workshop and launch of Women’s Forum. Women uniting from all communities of Hout Bay to assist and support the community with societal and family problems.

Thrive – Sustainable food garden kits of tools and heirloom seeds were supplied to Hout Bay schools and community organizations with Thrive food gardens. Compost workshop hosted and learners sent to Soil for Life course.

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