#OneHoutBay to Unite the Bay

On the 9th July 2017, a few concerned individuals from the community of Hout Bay got together and met over the destructive direction they saw Hout Bay moving towards. They were concerned about the negative, critical mood online and the political unrest that caused disgruntled community members to take to the streets in violent protests. The concerned individuals were meeting to find a way to unify the entire community of Hout Bay and alleviate racial tension that had surfaced in response to the disgruntled community members’ displaying their dissatisfaction with the status quo. The concerned individuals started a movement called #OneHoutBay.

The movements’ mission is to create dialogue between sub-communities acheter du cialis en ligne in Hout Bay by working on upliftment projects and focusing on food security, job creation and racial cohesion projects and events.

Currently, their main objective is to get to the bottom of the real issues that the inhabitants of the Temporary Relocation Areas (TRA) are facing and creating a humane solution. The current living situation of the already traumatised victims of the fire that devastated Imizamo Yethu over three months ago, is unacceptable. They have been placed in an area close to a river with no infrastructure and no proper drainage system. When it rains the 3×3 shiny corrugated iron structures they have been given have an internal temperature close to that of a fridge and water that leaks through the roofs and under the doors.

The #Onehoutbay movement then came up with a concept where volunteers would spend 67 hours, in honour of the Mandela Day 67 minutes campaign, living in “Silvercity”,a nickname given to the TRA’s by the locals. They would only be allowed to enter the area with two shopping bags of groceries/personal items and R100 for transport and any other items they may need during their stay in Silvercity. They also invited any members of the Hout Bay community who would like to join them in the experience. They had evenings of standing around a bonfire, chatting singing and playing drums where members of the Hout Bay community were invited to go down to Silvercity, meet people and participate in the experience as well.

Although the #Onehoutbay movement recognises that many of the issues that Hout Bay faces cannot be changed overnight and that sleeping in the TRA’s for a weekend won’t change the living conditions thousands that people are forced to live in everyday in Hout Bay and indeed, South Africa, they realise that the solution needs to start somewhere and hopefully #Onehoutbay is one of the many places to start.

Deon Robbertze,one of the participants in the 67 hours campaign and one of the founding members of #OneHoutBay shared a few thoughts on why #OneHouyBay was created and what their plans are for the future.

“One of the biggest things I came away with from the experience is that we need to meet more often. To meet the friends and neighbours we didn’t know,  and by doing that we start joining the dots. Whether it’s skills development dots or easy win dots. As we start building a community we start to solve the problems together.”

““The opportunity always exits in the problem,because we live in such a close-knit community,  whatever happens in Hout Bay affects everybody. We might not be connected by friendship but we are connected by physically living in the bay together, so if we are connected in that way, let’s make the table a lot longer, make the walls lower get together and start talking to each other”

#OneHOutBay don’t have ambitions to be an NGO they would rather be a For-Profit B-Corp that raises money and looks at key problems to help with. They want to be a Civil Advocacy platform, a communication platform that creates social cohesion, creates jobs, food security and raise money for key projects within Hout Bay that do the same.

To find out more about #OneHoutBay or to get involved, either follow #OneHoutBay on Facebook or contact portia@houtbaypartnership.co.za