Register for 2016 Municipal (local government) Elections

Municipal elections are held every five years to elect councillors who will be responsible for governing our municipality for the next five years. Municipal councils ensure services that impact the daily lives of citizens in their areas, including water, electricity and sanitation.

Hout Bay is a part of Ward 74- Learn more about WARD 74 here

The current term of office of municipal councils ends on 18 May 2016.

The exact date of the 2016 Municipal Elections will only be known when the election is officially proclaimed by the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs but must be held between 18 May and 16 August 2016.

Have your say in who represents Hout Bay in the City of Cape Town as the Ward 74 Councillor.

If you are new to Hout Bay and have never voted in Hout Bay (Ward 74) or you are a FIRST TIME voter, you will need to register in order to vote in the 2016 Elections.

Registration weekend is March 5 & 6 2016

You can only vote where you are registered so if you have moved to Hout Bay from outside of Ward 74, you will have to go to your nearest Voting Station and register.

Depending on your Hout Bay address you will register to vote at Llandudno Primary, Oranjekloof Moravian primary, Hout Bay Library, or Hout Bay Sports and Rec Hall. Ask your neighbours where they vote or or type in your address here.

In order to register you will need:

1) To be a South African Citizen (not a Permanent Resident)

2) To be 16 years and older (although you can only vote at 18)

3) To take your GREEN SA BARCODED ID Book or New ID Smart Card or Temporary ID as issued by Home Affairs (PASSPORT & DRIVER’S LICENSE ARE NOT ACCEPTED)

The process will not take long at all (a few minutes) and the Stations are open Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 March from 8am to 5pm.

*Please be advised the Cape Argus Cycle Tour is also on SUNDAY the 6th so it is suggested that you register on the SATURDAY due to the scheduled road closures.

For more information: