T.E.N Project Countdown

The Employable Nation Project (T.E.N) is a project created by the Workspace, a public benefit organisation located at the Harvest Centre, in Hout Bay, Harbour. It is a project created to deal with the unemployment and skills gap in South Africa and Hout Bay specifically. The programme aims to provide a creative space for its participants to learn, create and display their crafts through the assistance of the members of Workspace who provide them with the necessary skills and resources.


This year the T.E.N project took on a handful of participants from Hout Bay and through sponsorship and the partnership of NGO’s and organisations such as the Hout Bay Partnership and the Mike Nightingale Fellowship, members of the community have been able to take part in the initiative and equip themselves with technical skills that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives.




The programme runs for a total of 28 days but the classes do not run consecutively, on average, the programme runs over 12 weeks with two full days of classes per week. The programme will end with a dinner event which the participants have been fully involved in since the first day of the programme. They are involved in the selling of tickets and promoting the event as well.

This year’s dinner will be taking place on 12 August at the Worskpace from 7pm-10 pm. Some of the dinner will be prepared by the students in a wood fired oven and served with some local beer and wine. The night will showcase the works that the students have created and their works will also

be up for auction, for the people of Hout Bay to show their support and help the Workspace continue the good work they have been doing with the youth of the community of Hout Bay.All are welcome to come and support the programme.