T.E.N Project Dinner and Auction

Workspace Dinner

The 25 day T.E.N Project at Workspace has finished and culminated in a fantastic dinner and auction event to seed the participant’s future ventures. The T.E.N. Program is a short course designed to stimulate interest and activate individuals into a further phase of personal development and to uncover and establish what natural skills an individual has. The TEN Course strives to improve the participants’ self-esteem by holistically challenging and training the individual. Practical, emotional and interpersonal skills are integrated to awaken possibility in the individual.

A stunning three course dinner sponsored by Hout Bay Super Spar of artisan bread, snoek pate, homemade hummus, slow-roasted chicken, potato and rocket salad, tomato and rooibos infused feta salad, and a desert of triamasu with coffee made at Workspace was served by the participants. The meal was prepared under the guidance of Jane Anne Hobbs and Mark Glen. Musical entertainment was performed by the participants and the Workspace family with local producer and drummer Cedric Samson (listen in below). Matt Mercer hosted the evening and auctioned off the products produced by the participants throughout their program with all proceeds going to seed the guys on the next step of their journey as the establish their own ventures to apply their new skills.

The highlight of the evening was hearing directly from the six participants in the program reflecting on what this experience has meant to them:




“I got more than what I expected. I actually managed to build a little family with my teammates coming from various backgrounds and we got along very well. We made things happen and this is the result of it”.

“I’m taking away the good qualities that I learned here; just to live a happy life and to maintain the mindset of mentoring individuals who need the same help that I needed. I just want to give back”.






“There’s a guy whose name is Peter, he put me here, but today I am proud of that guy, and I am proud of Craig. I’m a man now actually. I can make a living out of nothing”.

“Craig says we must measure twice and cut once which means in life you must think twice. You can’t just think once and do it or you’re going to do it wrong”.

“I am proud of myself and I am proud of everyone”.






” A big big special thank you to Craig. Yoh, baie baie dankie to Craig! I don’t know where to start but my heart is just filled with a word Craig likes to use, Gratitude. Filled with joy, filled with a lot of stuff I don’t even have words for. Tonight I’m proudly standing up here in front feeling like a changed man because ever since I walked through that door I feel changed. Really, from in to out I can feel it”.

“Its not about money, but the knowledge and skills we’ve learned here is worth more than a fortune. I can actually take it back to my community and with what we’ve learned here we can grow stronger people out there”.




“Me and the guys have built a special bond”.

“Susan made us do the knitting, and I actually found it quite interesting because its stress relieving…now if I get into a fight or a argument with someone I can take it out on the knitting”.







“Thank you to all the guys for accepting me and accepting each other. We made this work and we have a special bond, and I hope that bond doesn’t fade away”.

“In woodworking Craig taught us we must respect the wood, and it made me think of people and our diversity of cultures… and I think we must respect each other’s cultures and where we come from. Craig taught us f you waste a piece of wood you end up disrespecting the wood so I made sure I didn’t mess one piece of wood”.




“Someone asked me where I’m from and I told them Hout Bay and he said ‘You must be adopted!’, and yeah people on the other side of the mountain must think we are rich on this side and I think that is true. We are rich, but with passion and the heart that we have. That we are living in the community”.

“I always go by the motto ‘Success isn’t money or intelligence. Success is three things: being prepared, having experience and never giving up on your dream”.

“Don’t be afraid of the space between your dream and your reality. If you can dream it, you can do it”.


The group worked with producer Cedric Samson to write and perform the musical entertainment for the evening.

You can listen in to the fun here:

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