United Family helps Hout Bay honor World Refugee Day

Tuesday 20 June 2017 is World refugee day, not many of us take the time to think about it but receiving refugee status from a country is often the difference between life and death for millions of people around the world. The thought of having to leave everything that is familiar to you to start a new life in another country is a reality millions have to face. Factors such as political unrest in their countries of origin are often what force families and individuals to pack what

they can and relocate to a different country often with different languages, diverse cultures and practically a whole new way of life. This seems to be an almost impossible situation for anyone to have to deal with but it is something that millions must deal with, every day. It is for this reason that organisations like United Family, in partnership with the City of Cape Town, chose to honour the day with an energy filled event that brought the community together for a day of music, dance, speeches and food, that reminded us that through tragedy and displacement there is still hope for new beginnings and a second chance at making a great life.
The event took place on Saturday 17 June at the Kroenendal Primary school hall. The event was well attended and the community of Hout bay was well represented. The day brought audiences performances from groups such as Amoyo, Amaqhawe Esizwe, and Champaign Overdose. There were speeches by Councillor Roberto Quintas and, representatives from the SAPS, local representatives from Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg and many more.
The school hall was filled with music, laughter, people proudly representing their cultures dressed in colourful traditional outfits and children running around enjoying the time to play with their peers.
Hout Bay is a true reflection of a community that cares, no matter where you are from no matter what your circumstance. It is a community with residents from almost every country around the world. With the arrival of every person to “The Bay” they are welcomed with a smile and a sense of understanding. We all come from somewhere and being accepted in whichever environment we find ourselves in is the greatest feeling. It leaves one with a sense of gratitude and the desire to show the same love to the next person who finds themselves in your situation. The spirit of Ubuntu is truly alive in the valley of Hout Bay and with events such as these that bring us together, only bigger and better things should be in the cards for the community of Hout Bay.

Article my Portia Msamo. Photos by Peter Micheals