Population: 16.4 Million (approx 1/3rd size RSA) | Size: 118,484 km2  (approx 1/10th size RSA) | Currency:  Kwacha | Political Leader: Peter Mutharika (Democratic Progressive Party) | Capital City: Lilongwe | GDP: $4.26 billion (156/195) | Offical Languages: Chichewe & English


Philip Sinoya

When and why did you come to South Africa?  I come to South Africa in February 2009 looking for a job.
Where do you work?  I am currently working at Harbour Bay Market as security.
What do you like most about Hout Bay? The thing i like most about Hout bay is how everyone is connected to each other…different nationalities but living together with different cultures.

What’s the best thing about your country? People in Malawi are very friendly – thats why we call it Warm Heart Of Africa
…and the worst?  The worst thing is there is too much poverty and no jobs – that’s why most of us we come to South Africa.
What do you think Malawi is most famous for?  Malawi is famous for its fresh water lake called Lake Malawi and its beautiful Mountain called Mt Mulanje
If Malawians could learn one thing from South Africa, what would that be?  Togetherness is what we Malawians can learn from the people of South Africa..
How do you greet someone in Malawi?  Muli bwanji!
Teach us some more Chichewa  “Ndili bwino” is “I am fine”;  “Zikomo” is “thanks”;  “Chonde” is “please”; “Lero” is “today” and “Mawa”is “tomorrow”.


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