Population: 14.15M (approx 1/4 RSA) – estimated 1-3Million Zimbabweans are in RSA | Size: 391,000 km2 (approx 1/3rd size RSA) | Currency: Multiple foreign currencies | Political Leader: President Robert Mugabe (National Democrat Party) | Capital City: Harare | GDP: $28 billion (124/195) | Offical Languages: Shona, Ndebele & English

Patience Muswaka


When and why did you come to South Africa?
I came to South Africa in 2013 to search for greener pastures after our economy collapsed, leaving the majority of Zimbabweans jobless and poor, but well educated and well groomed.
Where do you work?  Currently I’m working at Spiro’s restaurant as a cook
What do you love most about Hout Bay?
I’m a nature lover so this valley brings me closer to my passion because I can go up the mountain to meditate or I can go to the ocean to cleanse my mind and soul in the waves. Also I like the diversity of the Bay – all mixed races trying hard to break the Bridges to form and create love and respect.
What’s the best thing about your country? My country is beautiful, with a lot of nature wonders and many wild animals and rich soil for farming.  The best thing ever in my country is the way we value and appreciate education.  Although the fees are very high we thrive and work hard.  My countrymen are humble and hardworking AND we don’t let circumstances change us but we change circumstances for the better.
…and the worst?  The worst is our economy that has made us beggars in foreign lands. Although we grow most of our food per family to sustain us through to the next farming season there are some things that need cash, and not having our own currency has made the rich richer because they are doing money laundering and the poor poorer because the little you have can become worthless overnight.  Also the worst is in sport – we have a lot of talented sportspeople who are lacking exposure and funding.
What do you think Zimbabwe is most famous for?  Its tourism and hospitality.  Tobacco and horticulture farming.  Not forgetting Robert Mugabe and the longest serving ruling party.
If you were to import one thing from Zimbabwe to South Africa what would that be?  That surely was going to be the Majestic Victoria Falls known in our native language as “Mousi owa tunya” meaning “the smoke that thunders”.
If there’s one thing Zimbabweans could learn from South Africa what would that be?Zimbabweans must learn to say enough is enough and mean it. They must learn to speak out and fear less.
How do you greet someone in Zimbabwe?  In Shona language you say “Mhoroi”   And “Ndatenda” means “Thank you”.  In Ndebele “Thank you” is “Siyabonga”


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