Population: 67M (about 1.25xRSA) | Size: 513,000 km2 (approx ½ size RSA) | Currency: Baht | Political Leader: Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha  | Capital City: Bangkok | GDP: $395billion (27/195) | Offical Language: Thai



Shirley Lim is from Bangkok, Thailand


When and why did you come to South Africa?  My husband’s work bought him here from the UK (where I studied and worked after growing up in Thailand), and I’d just had a baby so wanted to take time off.  That was 21 yrs ago.
Where do you work/what do you do?  I work and live in Hout Bay – I have my own Dental practice in Victoria Mall, by La Cuccina.
What do you like most about Hout Bay?  I love the contrast HB has to offer, be it people and scenery, mountains and sea.  Who could ask for more?!
What’s the best thing about your country? The best thing about Thailand has got to be the food…
…and the worst?  The worst is the poverty which leads to drugs and prostitution – especially when it affects and exploits children.
What do you think Thailand is most famous for?  I think Thailand is most famous for its food and its tourism
If there’s one thing you could import from Thailand to South Africa, what would it be? Humility and patience.  In Thailand you see the street hawkers selling their wares with such patience – and they do not expect handouts or expect not to work for what they receive.
If there’s one thing Thai people could learn from South Africans what would that be? How to do a great braai.  Meat when cooked braai-style there is too dry
How do you greet someone in Thai?  “Sawadee ka”, if you’re a lady,  “Sawadee cup” if you’re a man

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