Population: 82M (about 1.5xRSA) | Size: 357,000 km2 (approx 1/3 size RSA) | Currency: Euro | Political Leader: Chancellor Angela Merkel (Christian Demographic Union) | Capital City: Berlin | GDP: $3.3 trillion (4/195) | Official Language: German


Elmar Török is from Peiting, near Munich

When and why did you come to South Africa?  We moved to SA in 2010, just after the end of the World Cup. Basically, I wanted to get away from the German winter. This we have definitely managed.

Where do you work/what do you do?   I am a technical journalist and consultant for IT-Security and I run a web agency as well.
What do you like most about Hout Bay?  Hout Bay is very peaceful and at the same time bustling with all sorts of activities. And the landscape is a stunner, really.
What’s the best thing about your country?  Germany absolutely has it down when it comes to quality and commitment.
…and the worst?  We seem to be unable to pat ourselves on the back and see the achievements that we managed to complete.
What do you think Germany is most famous for?  I think our cars are famous all over the world.
If there’s one thing you could import from Germany to South Africa, what would it be?There is pretty much every German product available in SA already, although it can take some hunting. So, nothing really.
If there’s one thing Germans could learn from South Africans what would that be?Relax. Tomorrow is another day.
How do you greet someone in German?  “Guten Tag” during the day or “Guten Abend” in the evening works pretty  much everywhere in Germany. Regional greetings differ from every region, obviously. Bavarians (like me) use either the very informal “Servus” or a
traditional “Gruess Gott”.
Teach us something else to say!   Bavarians use “Passt scho” if something is all right.


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