Youth Day in Hout Bay

June 16, 1976 is a day that holds painful memories for many South Africans. The Youth of the country had decided to take their futures into their own hands and demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the Bantu Education system by taking part in a peaceful protest. Little did they know that that day would be immortalised in the history books for many years to come. Many young South Africans lost their lives on that day for standing up for what they believed in. Now, 41 years later South Africans have the opportunity to reflect on that tragic day and track the progress that has been made since then. For some, not much has changed, for others they cannot imagine being met with the challenges millions of South Africans had to face on a daily basis just to get through the day.

The Youth in Hout Bay are exposed to very different environments and the way they experience their Youth and express themselves is very different as well. Some come from very affluent homes where all of their wants and needs are catered for. For others, they have been exposed to going to bed hungry, walking to school every day, not being able to get their homework done because of the noise coming through the thin corrugated iron walls of their homes, from their next door neighbours and the constant fighting that they are exposed to inside and outside of their homes. This is a reality for many people in 2017 and the Youth have a very different cause to fight for but this time it’s not against Bantu Education but rather for Economic freedom, breaking free of poverty and fear. Being able to have the audacity to dream and those dreams being much more than a cialis prix dream but a goal.

Youth day means many different things to many different people, especially for the Youth of today. On June 16 one can witness Youth dressed in school uniforms to symbolise the many young people who lost their lives marching for what they believed in.

The month of June is dedicated to the Youth of South Africa each year and each year we hold the hopes that they will not be consumed by their circumstance but rather rise above them and use the intellect, passion, creativity, love and ambition that they have to create a new reality for the future Youth of South Africa. To look back in respect but also to move forward with the conviction that things must change.

It is with activities such as sport, arts and culture; academic programmes and artisanal skills development that will elevate our Youth and our country into a place that people will talk about with respect and admiration. It is not easy to change the trajectory of a damaged Nation in one lifetime but being part of creating the foundation for a Nation where everyone in it feels like they are a valued member of a society that has their best interests at heart, is a good start.

To those who are already contributing towards creating this dream, Thank You! To those who would like to help but don’t know where to start… A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Take the first step.