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Friends of Hout Bay Partnership

We welcome the support and contributions of individuals, organisations and businesses who agree with the purpose and goals of the HBP, who subscribe to its values (human dignity, integrity, transparency, diversity, and inclusivity) and who are willing to adopt a collaborate partnership approach.

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Specific skills and/or in-kind contributions sought by
HBP include the following:

- Communications, newsletter, website and social media
- Social enterprise mentoring support
- Business development mentoring support
- NGO practical management and administration support
- Book keeping, accounting and auditing
- Meeting venues

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If you wish to be more informed about the work of the HBP and/or to contribute to
its work, please contact us at
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Who are the “Friends of the Partnership”?

“Friends of the Partnership” (FoP) are people who support the purpose of the Hout Bay Partnership (HBP), who agree to uphold the values of HBP, and want to contribute to the work that the HBP does in Hout Bay, but do not want to be part of the Board or on the HBP operations team.

The purpose of HBP is to promote, facilitate and contribute to more integrated social and economic development of Hout Bay to improve livelihoods and quality of life and building common ground in a context of diversity.

The values of HBP are integrity, transparency, diversity, inclusivity, and respect.

How can the “Friends of the Partnership” help?

The FoP can help by using resources available to them to render up support for projects, raise funds for initiatives, share knowledge and skills, advise, mentor, share rescourcesand generally assist with whatever it is that is available to them, with the time and effort that they are willing to share with the HBP. 

How long can you be a “Friend to the Partnership”?

FoP’s can choose the period of time they would like to be involved with the HBP for. It can be for a few months for a few years. The amount of input is purely dependent on the amount of time and commitment a FoP can offer the HBP.

What do “Friends of the Partnership” get from the association?

Depending on what type of contributions are made to the HBP by the FoP, the HBP can offer promotion for the FoP on any projects or initiatives that they have assisted with or have made possible through its social media platforms and on any type of advertising or marketing related to the project/initiative.

In the case of financial contributions/donations made by FoP’s to the HBP, the HBP is a registered NPC and can offer the FoP an 18A Tax certificate.

How does one become a “Friend of the Partnership”?

Any interested parties or organisations can contact the HBP in writing stating their areas of interest and how they would like to assist. The HBP team will assess the application and arrange to meet with the interested party/organization. Goals and objectives for both parties’ involvement will be ascertained at the meeting and an agreement/MoU will be drawn up regarding the time and types of resources on offer.

Do the “Friends of the Partnership” get paid?  

There is no form of financial remuneration available for FoP’s. The involvement of a FoP is completely voluntary and not legally binding unless otherwise agreed upon.